June 12

3 Traits Of Top Employees


In the June Newsletter, Bruce Margolin, COO of Ace Steel Supply, talked about traits of top employees.

“Just recently, I was speaking with a good friend who relocated from Houston to Dubai, where he took a senior management position.  This was a bold move and viewed as a great opportunity.  Sometimes you just need to seize the moment, despite the human sacrifice.

While we were speaking, we ventured down a path about people and the many challenges they face, eventually transitioning into a discussion about employees, and the difficulties finding the “right people”.

Our conversation continued, and we both discussed recruiting and finding the “right people”.  He then offered to send me an article from Forbes magazine, one that he felt captured the topic at hand.  The article is entitled “How to Spot an Irreplaceable Employee”.

The article says, “Employees and employers have a shared interest in discovering the attributes that define the all-time favorite employees. Employees want to be the most-favored, and employers seek to attract those individuals who seem irreplaceable.” 

Let’s face it, great employees and employers show mutual admiration.

The following are 3 traits of top employees: 

No Drama: They… Don’t complain. Don’t gossip. Don’t seek attention. Face professional and personal challenges responsibly. Focus on their tasks, not on coworkers tasks.

Operational Focus: They… focus on how to accomplish the immediate task. Work with intention vs “just getting things done”. Understand importance of implementation (Execution) and results. Are aware that excellent customer service will strengthen the business through trust. Execute without reminders.

Initiative: They… Are confident and internally motivated. Don’t wait to be told what to do. Are goal oriented each day. Work persistently. Seek feedback for self-improvement. Are self-confident and self-aware. Value environments where they can take initiative and receive constructive feedback.

“The best employees get stuff done with passion and results. If you don’t value your employees who demonstrate those attributes, rest assured that another employer is anxiously waiting to meet them.

What makes a great company?  Great people, and we have them.” 

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