February 20

Anti-Section 232 Legislation


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Recently, an anti-232 bill was introduced in the US Congress. Ultimately, the bill is attempting to remove the executive branch’s (President Trump’s) ability to use executive order to implement tariffs related to national security.

US Rep Mike Gallagher (Republican, Wisconsin), who introduced the bill, said, “Under the new bill, Members of Congress have a 60-day period following submission to review the president’s proposal.”

“The requirement would apply to all future Section 232 actions, in addition to those taken within the last four years.”

In response, Alliance for American Manufacturing president Scott N. Paul said, “Rather than weakening available national security trade tools, Congress should reaffirm its support for a fair and level playing field and urge other countries in the strongest possible terms to confront their own, and China’s, protectionism.”

To be sure, we need Congress to put aside their partisanship. And to pass laws that benefit American business, while of course protecting our national security.

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