August 12

Avoiding Contact


Have you ever been in a situation where you had a great offer, idea or solution and wanted to present it to a decision maker, but for some reason could not connect with the person you needed to speak with?

Nothing is more frustrating than when you want to communicate with people but can’t!  Either they don’t take your call, send you to voice mail, avoid your emails, texts and all other forms of communication or find a way to outright avoid you.

Opportunity To Speak

In the end, they just don’t give you an opportunity to speak with them, an opportunity to present something that just might be of great benefit. Frustrating?  Well of course it is.

I am writing this as August is upon us because I recently experienced this specific dilemma, in fact on more than one occasion. We have something great to offer, but the clients just won’t give us an opportunity to present a viable winner. At Ace Steel Supply we have a lot to offer.  If we are contacting our prospects and clients, it is because we have something important to say. Something that can really help.

You might not believe this, but if we are calling we have something that can help you.  Of course, if you wish to ignore us, this is always your prerogative, but if you really want to help your company, shouldn’t you listen and evaluate?

A Competitive Advantage

After all, you can always say no.  If you don’t listen, you are most likely missing out on a competitive advantage that could be all yours.  In the end, it’s your choice.

Right now, we are interviewing a small handful of accounts to determine if they want to work closely with us to develop a long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationship.

If we call you, what do you have to lose by taking the call and listening?  In fact, it might just be your lucky day.  Be open minded – accept our contact.

Importance Of Integrity

Equally important, we bring integrity to the business world, but you won’t understand the true value of this forgotten element unless you give us a chance.

If you want to do business and are committed to an honorable relationship, we just might be the right fit for you.  Remember, you want to speak with Ace Steel Supply when they call.  Ace Steel Supply has a lot to offer, so let us talk.

Bruce Margolin

V.P. – Chief Operating Officer


p.s. Ask us how to make a quick $500 for a referral.

“Making Business Easier”




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