Ace Steel Metal Supplier Increase Your Business In 2019

Increase Your Business In 2019

“The good news for our preferred clients is we have a wealth of information and knowledge that is free so long as they do business with us.” 7 Secrets Your Steel Suppliers Won’t Tell You, Adam Osborn

Everyone knows to increase profits in business, you must increase income and lower expenses.

A little known principle, called the 80/20 rule, can help you see ways to increase income and lower expenses.

Apply 80/20 Rule To Increase Profits

The 80/20 rule states that for some events, approximately 80% of the benefits come from 20% of the actions. So let’s just look at one case of the rule to help you increase your business.

One belief of business management is: 80% of sales comes from 20% of clients. Now let’s use this to list possible ways to increase your income and lower expenses.

  1. Increase the value and service you give to top 20% of your clients/customers
  2. Market and sell to potential clients/customers who share same characteristics of the top 20% of your clients/customers
  3. Spend less time on bottom 80% of customers, who only bring in 20% of sales

In fact, number 3 is very powerful. Because often you’ll discover many of your difficult customers (complaints, late payments, returns etc.) come from the bottom 80%.

Reading The Steel Market

Ace Steel Supply works hard to read the steel market so we can offer a stable supply of what you need. Consider looking at a stocking program with us for even more benefits to your business.

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