January 23

Don’t Get Stuck


Inventory availability is a NON-ISSUE if it’s managed properly.

Chapter 3 of my book goes over inventory availability in detail.

Have you ever called to order something only to learn it’s out of stock?

Have you substantially paid more because your normal supplier didn’t have it?  It must be frustrating for you.

A properly managed inventory by your supplier will eliminate this pain for you.

Do you have a non-standard item that’s a problem every time you order it?  Maybe that’s a good item to start with a managed inventory on.

I’d encourage you to put a program in place to eliminate this. Maybe you should ask yourself, why isn’t my supplier already doing that or proposing the idea?  That’s a good question.


Chapter 3 of my book:

7 Secrets Your Steel Suppliers Won’t Tell You”

Focuses on inventory availability.

We have stocking programs with many of our preferred clients.  We keep what they buy regularly on the floor ready to deliver or be available in will call when needed.  Here are a couple of benefits:

  • It keeps you out of trouble and we have the inventory available when you need it.
  • Being in a partnership that’s long lasting and profitable for both companies will promote strong relationships.


Consider calling us to have a conversation to see if we can help.

We fix problems to make your life easier and take the stress out of buying steel.


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