Ace Steel Metal Supplier January 2019 Steel News

January 2019 Steel News

The price for US produced steel plate has remained steady, although sheet and scrap prices have fallen. Lead times are averaging seven to eight weeks.

The question is will plate prices remain steady or not, considering the other steel markets have declined. At this point, there is not much upside potential for prices to increase.

It is possible that there won’t be any substantial increase in the first quarter. The previously predicted mill price increase doesn’t look likely anytime soon.

Hot-Rolled Coil Prices

HRC prices have continued to decline to what market participants hope is a bottom. Domestic lead times are averaging three to four weeks.

At this point, low demand is keeping support down. January demand has not reached the levels of end of last year.

We will wait to see when the economy picks back up and demand raises with it.

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