December 20

Late Deliveries Problem?


I know Late Steel Deliveries is a problem

I know what you’re dealing with because we have the same problems with vendors we do business with.

Late Deliveries and Long Pick up Times have been a problem with most vendors for as long as I can remember. Quite frankly, it’s rampant out there and going on every day.

Chapter 1 of my book focuses on this issue:

7 Secrets Your Steel Suppliers Won’t Tell You”

I know you’ve heard all the false promises and lies that come out of people’s mouths just to tell you what you want to hear.

The book goes into a lot of detail about these issues and more. But let me give you a tiny preview of some issues discussed in this chapter.

  • The worst-case scenario of you losing a customer: Costs and time associated with that.
  • Rescheduling and refocusing: A look at this from all employee and owner levels.
  • Lost production time
  • A new perspective on this problem and some things that maybe you never considered.
  • And much more

Call us for a free copy of my book or click here and let me explain why business doesn’t have to be done the same way and you don’t have to settle for poor service.

Adam Osborn

President and Owner

Ace Steel Supply


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