Ace Steel Metal Supplier Media Misinformation About 232

Media Misinformation About 232

Mainstream news coverage of the Section 232 tariffs has been filled with an overwhelming amount of incorrect information. I have seen statements on TV, by steel mill CEO’s, saying what would happen if steel went up 10 or 15%. Steel prices had already increased by 30 to 60% prior to the CEO’s comment!

The media is fooling the average man on the street. But people in the steel business know better, especially those listening to us. Our customers are feeling it every day. The media is irresponsibly reporting misinformation, about the tariffs causing economic mayhem.

In fact, temporary exemptions to the tariffs were granted to several countries until May 1st.

And recently, AMM reported,

“The Aluminum Association is calling for permanent, quota-free exemptions to the United States’ Section 232 tariffs, to be granted to “responsible trading partners,” it said in a letter to President Donald Trump on Tuesday April 24.”

The tariff is very real and has been in place as of March 23rd. Steel is hitting the docks every day with tariffs being added to it. But…

Misinformation and fear mongering are bad for business and bad for the economy.

Many of our customers have noticed this news discrepancy. Some have done their own research to find that our industry analysis is indeed correct. And now these clients are getting contracts in place with us, to provide stability to their supply and pricing.

Those misinformed, who cite the media, may choose to wait-and-see what develops. We understand their skepticism. But, they are looking at the short-term while we are looking at the long-term. Ace Steel Supply is interested in long-term relationships.

We are experts in the steel business and we are familiar with these cycles. We have seen them before.  For example, the shake-out cycle of 2006-2007 had different causes than the present, but the pain of higher prices and inventory shortages was the same.

It is best to go with a proven expert in their field. If your company requires a secure supply of stainless, aluminum, cold-rolled or galvanized sheet metal, please call us to discuss your needs.

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