April 24

Mission To Be Your Consultant and Trusted Advisor


My Mission Is To Be Your Consultant and Trusted Advisor

“A consultant and trusted advisor will help you because they can bring extra value to your business relationship.” –Adam Osborn from 7 Secrets Your Steel Supplier Won’t Tell You

I sift through thousands of dollars of steel industry publications to get the truth, which is often different from the mainstream “news”.  Mass media has long ago stopped unbiased and analytical reporting, in favor of wire services content and shallow sensationalism.

95% of all traditional mass media, including the wire services, is owned by just six corporations.

The media isn’t telling you the truth about how high steel prices have gone. And it seems most of my competitors aren’t telling their clients much of anything either.

The 25% tariff on foreign metal imports is already in effect. If the metal did not clear US Customs at the ports by March 23rd, the tariffs had to be paid, hence another 25% leap in price beyond the run-up.

To cover tariffs, importers have been forced to deposit large amounts of money with customs brokers. I’m aware of one importer we deal with that put $1 million on deposit to receive their orders last month.

By and large, my competitors aren’t talking about the consequences of the higher tariffs. Most of their sales staff are not steel industry professionals. Only an expert in the steel industry can help you see the trends so you can avoid any pitfalls.

Ace Steel Supply has been working hard to position our customers, so they can make the best of this present cycle.

Shortages will sort themselves out over time. In the near term, imports from foreign mills will resume and catch up.  In the long term, I know of 30 domestic projects announced to recommission or rebuild closed mills and expand mills or build new mills.

Union Partners has planned to build a steel processing facility in Osceola, Arkansas, which will take 20 months to complete. In addition, some foreign companies are planning to build mills in America. I believe prices will eventually find new highs and stabilize, depending on the product and process.

If your company requires a secure supply of steel, aluminum or galvanized sheet metal, please call us for a consultation.

We can help you with any stocking requirement level. From several of skids to hundreds of tons, we’ll help you schedule out the product you need to keep work going without stoppages.

Ace Steel Supply specializes in customized solutions that remove the stress from buying steel.

CALL NOW 832-300-1030.


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