March 2

Neuroscience Explained


Most people don’t realize their own thinking process has them suffering.

They attract the same situations time and again because they have trained themselves to expect it.  Neuroscience says that some 77% of all thoughts that we naturally have are self-defeating or negative.

The human mind functions much like the captain of a ship, who radios orders to the guys in the engine room. Without orders, the guys in the engine room will not do anything different to change the ship’s course, no matter what.  The guys in the engine room can’t see things from the captain’s perspective on the bridge, so they rely on the captain to tell them what to do other than just keeping the engines going. The conscious mind orders the subconscious, which puts everything else into movement.

Cybernetics explained.

What we just described is called an “automatic control mechanism” in cybernetics. The brain and nervous system are a goal striving system that automatically steers us toward whatever the programming tells it.  It is an error-sensing automatic feedback device.  Given that most people unconsciously allow the outside world, media and acquaintances to do that programming, it isn’t surprising that people tend to lower their expectations over time. The feedback mechanism reinforces the expectation. This is why we typically get what we EXPECT, not what we WANT.

In fact, each person’s governing factor is their “self-image”, which determines their view of the world and what they see or don’t see. The “control mechanism” will not allow someone to see in reality what they cannot visualize in their mind. A course correction cannot happen if a limiting belief is in place preventing it. Much like Eeyore the donkey in Winnie the Pooh, if you think and speak in negative terms, that will be your experience.

The takeaway is to turn that “automatic control mechanism” into a “success mechanism” that works for you. You do the creative programming to neutralize negative patterns and bring your goals to realization. You will notice less resistance followed by the feedback loop supporting you.

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