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Petitions Against Vietnam

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US mills have filed another anti-circumvention case against Vietnamese GALVANIZED SHEET imports. The petitions mirror cases already filed against Vietnamese imports. Which are for cold-rolled and galvanized products made from Chinese and South Korean substrate.

In addition, cases were launched this week against material made from South Korean substrate. The AMM reports, “Those targeting product made from Chinese substrate were filed in November 2016 and decided in favor of US mills in May – paving the way for the additional petitions.”

“The investigations targeting South Korean and Chinese substrate were filed against both cold-rolled and coated exports. The case involving Taiwan targets only coated product because there are no US duties on Taiwanese cold-rolled coil.”

In July 2016, the US Department of Commerce placed anti-dumping duties of 10.34% on Taiwanese GALVANIZED SHEET.

US mills contend that Taiwanese steelmakers are circumventing the duties, by shipping substrate to Vietnam where it is coated and labeled as Vietnam-origin material.

“The petition versus Taiwanese substrate was filed jointly by California Steel Industries, Steel Dynamics Inc, Nucor, ArcelorMittal USA, and U.S. Steel,” states AMM.

Cold-rolled and Galvanized prices have risen sharply higher by trade actions. For example, the Section 232 tariffs and quotas on steel imports.

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