April 12

Prices Too High?


“Your prices are too high.”  Yeah, we’ve heard it time and again.

We don’t worry about “price shoppers” because they continue to chase scarce supply at higher prices. They prove our point daily.  We saw a run-up of 23% before the tariff announcement and another 24% the month afterwards as inventory got slimmer, yet “price shoppers” don’t see the point of signing an agreement for materials they know they will need… and then they complain about it.

We have several customers who saw the first run-up and then got on our managed inventory program to save themselves the subsequent cost increases and shortages through the end of the year. Which one do you think is smarter?
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Prices that seem high one day are a bargain a week later.  

As experts, we know the prices for stainless and aluminum products are likely to increase considerably between now and the end of the year. Higher prices can be adapted to, but supply shortages will be tough to work around in the short term. How high and how long that will be, depends on the type of metal.

Yes, we are a little bit higher. Our business model as a boutique stocking dealer is to use our bulk purchasing power and superior service to form lasting relationships with our contract customers. Much like concierge service, except we maintain inventory for you.

Ace Steel Supply customers get guaranteed inventory at a guaranteed price and we make a fair profit in exchange for removing their supply risks. We eliminate time wasted in chasing stock, so we save you time and money, spare you the headaches. We improve your life. We keep you in business.
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People who manufacture or fabricate with metal are slowly realizing that higher cost is the new reality. Our customers have discovered that the “low price” sellers they once depended on cannot deliver. Across all industries, “delivery issues” are the #1 reason (70.2%) why companies drop vendors. Even in his extreme market, we remove that problem for you.

We’ve also seen a lot of bait-and-switch recently: dealers selling other products in place of real stainless steel. “Low price” dealers do not typically care about service or relationships.
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We are experts and we know the markets.

Those who read Adam Osborn’s book, 7 Secrets Your Steel Suppliers Won’t Tell You, understand this concept. This is the shake-out part of the business cycle. This is where both sides of the equation, suppliers and buyers, either get smart or fold.

Ace Steel Supply is different. We will custom tailor a stocking program for your precise needs.
Call us for a consultation at 832-300-1030.

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