May 22

Samsara Premium Steel Delivery Service


Ace Steel Supply has launched our newest delivery service software, Samsara.  This is another step in our master plan to Make Business Easier for YOU our customer.

Samsara is the newest upgrade in our delivery arsenal to get your steel with improved efficiency, better routing, tracking, safety – all with 100% customer satisfaction.

Our new software is the top in fleet management with real-time visibility, predictable and accurate truck/delivery time.

Now, you can more accurately know when your material will be delivered.  The improved delivery tracking will help you manage your shop employees time more efficiently, saving both time and money.

Let us know… Do you want this free benefit (for Ace Steel Supply customers) of real time delivery alerts so your company can be prepared for incoming materials?

It’s easy to take advantage now.  When placing your order (Call 832-300-1030) tell your salesperson “who you want contacted and their preferred contact method (text or email)”.

Also, let them know how far in advance of the delivery your alert is to be sent.

Consider looking at a stocking program with us for even more benefits to your business.

When you’re ready to save time, money and make your steel buying easier, give us a call.

Call us if your company requires a secure supply of Houston metal – stainless sheet, aluminum sheet, cold-rolled sheet or galvanized sheet metal.


“Making Business Easier” 




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