Ace Steel Metal Supplier Steel and Neuroscience

Steel and Neuroscience

Steel and Neuroscience

Ace Steel Metal Supplier Steel and Neuroscience

A large chunk of training here at Ace Steel Supply is centered around the concept of Mind Mapping, which outlines how to work with one’s own mind to create desired outcomes. It is essentially a combination of neuroscience, some motivational training, and ways that people can reprogram their own brains. Walking through the average bookstore, one will find the classic Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, and a slew of similar books from diverse authors including Steve Clark, Dan Millman, Stuart Wilde, Deepak Chopra and even… Chuck Norris… no kidding.

What does neuroscience have to do with the steel business?

It applies to all businesses and all areas of life.  According to neuroscience, around 77% of all our thoughts are naturally self-defeating. Most people are unintentionally and heavily influenced by family, friends and the modern environment, including the mass media, and most isn’t even subtle.

A chunk of good selling strategy has to do with engaging the limbic system… the part of the brain that is concerned with survival, pain and pleasure. The Ace Steel Supply methodology is to take supply chain pain away from our customers and improve their quality of life.

We’ve learned not to make assumptions about what customers want or expect. One size does not fit all, particularly in the steel business.  We don’t try to carry everything or cater to everyone.  We are a boutique company that offers a customized approach to our clients’ requirements.

We have seen businesses open and close for lack of a real business model or way to differentiate themselves within the market. They usually resort to lowball price selling and then blame the economy when their businesses fail.  Having no business plan is tantamount to failure. Many businesses fold within a year. Failures pile one upon another in a downward spiral.

Successes also build on one another, but how to get to that path?  We know it is possible to do research and come up with a good business plan to set ourselves apart. Adam Osborn, the founder of Ace Steel Supply, did just that. He started the company in a small apartment with a borrowed $half-million in mid-2005, with $1.8 million in sales by year end. In 2006 he upgraded to a 24,000 square foot warehouse and now has a staff of 14. He started with a real business plan and expanded that plan by consulting with experts.

We also know we can program ourselves.

Adam Osborn would not have been able to grow Ace Steel Supply if he were not clear on every aspect of his business, beginning with himself and his approach. His mental clarity, military discipline and laser focused goals made his good business plan work.  He couldn’t be distracted. When Adam wasn’t working at his business, he was increasing his education by reading or listening to CDs/DVDs at least 10 hours a week. In short, he programmed himself for success. He even wrote and published a book about it all in 2017.

The human brain is an incredible machine if one would but learn how to use it. You see, the conscious mind is like the captain of a ship, which must issue the right guidance to the engine room crew (the subconscious mind) to make things happen.  Change your thoughts and speech (captain’s orders), and everything else follows. Thought turns to belief, which turns to emotion, which turns to behavior which then leads to results.  There are a lot of little techniques to help make this shift, and we will go into some of those in other posts.

We aren’t kidding.

And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.  – Romans 12:2

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