Ace Steel Metal Supplier Steel Supply Apocalypse

Steel Supply Apocalypse

This is an urgent video update from Adam Osborn, Ace Steel Supply’s President.

Adam Osborn immediately understood the potential ramifications of the Section 232 investigations announced in April 2017 regarding metals dumping by various countries. All of the remedies being tabled will create massive shortages of steel and aluminum.

In an era that will be marked by repatriation of major industries back to the US along with trade protections, this situation has the capacity to cause a lot of pain to our customers — the very manufacturers and fabricators that depend on a steady supply of steel and aluminum.

For some 10 months now, Adam has been sounding the call for action. As pricing has climbed noticeably, Adam has used every means at his disposal to educate the people who will be impacted most. February ended with a 25% price increase as the mills have ceased taking orders, and even reneged on contracts.

It has started. The steel supply apocalypse is here.

Now more than ever, if your company depends on steel and aluminum, you must have a real plan in place to continue conducting business during this supply drought. At first it will be about price, but ultimately it will be all about AVAILABILITY.
Don’t wait until April to make these critical plans.

Ace Steel Supply is uniquely positioned to help customers with a structured deal to provide price stability as well as supply. Call 832-300-1030 for a consultation.