Ace Steel Metal Supplier Tariffs Officially Implemented on Steel & Aluminum!

Tariffs Officially Implemented on Steel & Aluminum!

Today President Trump signed a legal executive order implementing the following tariffs:

Tariffs are 25% on Steel and 10% on Aluminum

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Highlighted Points:

  • Canada and Mexico are excluded while in NAFTA negotiations.
  • The 15-day clock starts today before they go into effect.
  • Countries can apply for an exemption to the tariff if they can show how they can trade with the US in a fair way.
  • For any country that is removed from the tariffs, the rest of the countries would have an increased tariff on them with the same incremental amount.
  • He has the right to go up or down on the percentage by specific country depending on how fair the trade is.
  • He has the right to include or exclude countries depending on how fair the trade is.
  • Trump said he wanted to show great flexibility and cooperation toward those countries that are real friends and treat us fairly on trade and the military.
  • Trump says if you don’t have steel you don’t have a country.

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