July 12

Tariffs And Prices Still Up


Here’s a basic run down on each product category and what’s been happening.

Galvanized sheet:  Historically for most customers in this area, it’s been a foreign product because it’s several dollars cwt less than domestic. That still holds true today, even though the tariff is being completely built into all the new offerings from foreign mills. The only thing that’s changed is that prices have shifted higher.

Galvanized Domestic Stenciled coil: This one, of course, is a domestic (United States) produced product and the trend has mostly been higher. I’ve been reading recently that domestic mills are even considering another round of increases. I’ve seen it up almost every month for the past few months.

Stainless Sheet: Historically for most customers in this area, stainless sheet has been a foreign product. From where it’s coming from doesn’t seem to have changed, it’s only the price that has moved higher. Tariffs are being completely included into new offers and I’ve paid tariffs on several shipments that have arrived already.

Aluminum Sheet:  Up until about a little more than a year ago, most of the foreign aluminum sheet was coming from China. That stopped when there were anti-dumping suits put on them 1 ½ years ago, but we’re still seeing mostly foreign aluminum in this market for most customers. Tariffs are being added to the offers and tariffs are being paid on aluminum.

Hot Rolled sheet and plate: Domestic mills are holding firm on higher prices and I’ve heard talk about another round of increases. On the foreign side, with Canada and Mexico not being competitive, I’m seeing offers from other countries that I normally don’t see. Tariffs are being added to all the new offers coming in from non-exempt countries, but remember even if a country was exempt and they had anti-dumping duties on them before, that still applies.

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