January 17

Protect Your Credit



Time to check your credit report

In today’s world of identity theft, I wanted to share some tips with you that I found out recently to help protect yourself from identity theft.

Recently I got a notice that someone attempted to open accounts at two different companies under my name. One was Home Depot which I got 2 separate letters in the mail where they declined the credit which made me suspicious and the other was a hit on my credit report from Best Buy.

Helpful tips to protect your personal credit report

This is what I did, and I hope these tips will help you out.

  1. Go to Equifax.com and click on the link for their cybersecurity incident. It’s free and fast and it told me that my information had been compromised.
  2. Identityguard.com is a service I use to monitor my credit reports and if tell me every time there’s activity on any of my credit reports.
  3. I put a temporary fraud notification on my account at all 3 credit bureaus. This is free to do and can be done online. It only lasts for 90 days, but can be continually renewed.
  4. I put a “Credit Freeze” on my account at all 3 bureaus. This is a more permanent solution because it blocks anyone from pulling your credit report unless your account is “Unfrozen”, which you can do temporarily for a specific number of days or permanently. There is a charge for every freeze and unfreeze, but it’s not much.
  5. I did all of this in less than an hour. Which I felt was time well spent to protect myself.

In today’s world of crooks trying to steal from us, I wanted to share this information and I hope it helps you.

Adam Osborn

President and Owner of Ace Steel Supply


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