May 15

Turkey Warns It Might Counter 232


Turkey Warns They Might Counter Section 232

Turkey warns they might take steps to counter the Section 232 import tariffs.

The US imposed a global 25% duty on steel imports with the 232 tariffs. Then the US announced temporary exemptions for the European Union, Australia, Brazil, South Korea, Mexico and Canada.

Turkey was not included on the exemptions list, but they do have a trade deficit with the US.

From my perspective Turkey has historically been a large importer into the US on rebar. But, they have been hit or miss on coils for sheet and plate. I haven’t seen any offers coming from Turkey in several months. I’d like to see new offers. Although, they may not be participating in making any new trade deals with Trump.

I suspect Trump has so many deals working that he might not have time or may have overlooked Turkey. If Turkey hasn’t taken a proactive approach to the negotiations, it’s most likely the reason why they are being over looked right now. That’s just my thought.

Turkey is the sixth-largest steel exporter to the US, likely because of rebar exports. Turkey says their arguments regarding counter steps will be similar to those of the US. They say they can do it very quickly, but said they are leaving the door open.

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