Ace Steel Metal Supplier Use Routines To Increase Production Part I

Use Routines To Increase Production Part I

” Ace Steel Supply has an evolving business model, developing processes and procedures to make the business stronger, more efficient and run smoothly without mistakes.” Seven Secrets Your Steel Suppliers Won’t Tell You, Adam Osborn

Setting up and following routines is fundamental to increased productivity. Also, following routines consistently will result in increased mental clarity and focus.

To be successful in life and business you:

  • Need the correct mindset – determined by what you allow into your mind
  • Need energy – determined by what you eat, drink, exercise, sleep and act on
  • Need skilled production – determined by expertise, systems, processes and resources

The purpose of using routines is to lead an efficient and productive life. Consequently, a productive life is focused on and committed to producing and progressing towards your ultimate goals.

Progress towards your goals is the measure of productivity. Below are 3 things, suggested by Dan Kennedy, to help with productivity:

  • Organize your schedule based off your mission, priorities and goals
  • Follow your schedule strictly – be accountable
  • Eliminate all interference to finishing scheduled tasks

To emphasize, setting up and following routines will help you follow a more strict schedule. As a result, your increased discipline will increase mental clarity and organization, which is fundamental to increasing productivity.

In Part II, I will discuss some methods to help define your routines. In addition, I will give some example routines to serve as templates.

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