August 22

Use Routines To Increase Production Part II


“The more value we can bring to the table, the more retention we can realize with that client.” Seven Secrets Your Steel Suppliers Won’t Tell You, Adam Osborn

Strategic routines deliver predictable and consistent results, which bring success and progress. 99% percent of what we do is routine. A strategic routine is something you do consistently that is proven to get specific results.

Be strict with the routines you implement in your life. You can create routines for different areas of your life, for example, productivity, health, personal growth and increased energy.

An excellent method for determining needed routines is to ask yourself a series of questions.

  • What aspect of my personal and/or business life do I want to improve, systemize and focus on?
  • What are 3 to 5 actions necessary to complete the routine?
  • What routines am I committed to following consistently for maximum efficiency and results?

Now, let’s illustrate a few sample routines to improve your personal productivity.

Productivity Routine

  • Always have clarity on your purpose and write out daily goals
  • Follow your morning routine consistently
  • Complete a Weekly Master Plan every Sunday
  • Spend 5 minutes in the morning and in the evening visualizing your long term goals

Morning Routine

  • Wake up 5:30-6am ; Hydrate – drink 8oz glass of water ; Wash face
  • Do 10 minutes light exercise to increase circulation
  • Do some self-improvement work – 30 minutes of reading, audios, videos
  • Write down 3 most important priorities to move you toward goals
  • Ask, what are you grateful for? Excited about? 100% committed to making happen today?

You can change or adjust your routines over time. Be strict in following your routines. Because it sends a signal to your brain to focus and be action oriented.

It is best to go with a proven expert in their field. Call us if your company requires a secure supply of stainless, aluminum, cold-rolled or galvanized sheet metal.

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