March 29

We’re a Category of One


We routinely receive comments about our website and blog.

We recently received a visit from a banker who remarked about how impressed she was with our website, Google Reviews, testimonials and blog several times.  We know that for each person that comments, there are at least 25 more that follow us but never comment.

Our digital assets show who we are, and our business model sets us apart.

We aren’t interested in marketing to everyone.  Our goal is to educate our prospects and customers about what is going on in the industry, and particularly, what we can do for them. We spend thousands of dollars each year subscribing to exclusive industry newsletters, and we aggregate that information in articles for our customers. We don’t want our blog posts going to people who are not interested in what we have to say. We offer well-seasoned expertise in the field that the “low price only” buyer won’t take seriously until they’ve been left in the lurch too many times.

We aren’t interested in quoting to everyone. We won’t have the lowest price because we must charge based on our replacement cost, which is going up almost daily.  We take risks against pricing swings in the market on behalf of our customers.  Ace Steel Supply specializes in customized stocking solutions and we spend a lot of time tailoring programs for our contract customers. We provide stability. We offer a relationship — a partnership.

While we still see people who insist on getting the absolute lowest price, a number of those are waking up to the concept that the business has changed radically.  The way things are going, it will all come down to inventory availability. We solve inventory problems, but not at the lowest price.  We aren’t interested in catering to bottom-feeders.

Our entire approach is different.

Probably the most telling are the comments our sales staff receive from the staff of companies we service.  Their drivers like doing business with us because we keep our appointments and have the orders ready to go when they arrive at our dock.  We have 18-wheeler designated parking. We bear in mind what one business owner stated, “every move my truck makes is an expense.”  Time is money for everyone in the entire chain.

We are proud of our Google Reviews 4.9 rating. We urge you to peruse Google Reviews for various companies. Some are pretty funny. One competitor received a comment, “If you are ever in a scenario where someone held a gun to your head and told you to call a phone number, so that if someone on the other side picked up, you would get shot… you should call (X-company) if you want to live.”  Ace Steel Supply has a policy of answering by the 4th ring, at most.

This is about branding.  When you think of brands, what do you think of when someone mentions soda-pop… Coke!  How about computers… Apple?  Copiers… Xerox! Glass cleaner… Windex.  Each is a category of one, even to the point of people calling every similar product by that brand name. That kind of positioning does not happen overnight.  It came from offering fewer products and doing it well.

We are becoming the company people think of when someone mentions steel.  We make it a point to stand apart from the rest of the field with service, inventory and price.  Ace Steel Supply is a category of one.

If you want to get ahead of the curve and spare yourself and your business serious supply chain headaches, call Ace Steel Supply for a consultation at 832-300-1030.

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