February 1

Working with experts?


Are you working with experts?

You’re the expert in your business. I would never think that I know more about your business that you do.

Ace Steel Supply is the steel expert!

It’s our job to do all the things we can to save you time, make your life easier and we’re the experts at the distribution level for the products we provide to people who make things.  I’d encourage you to think about your suppliers and only deal with the experts in that category. That person or company should be your consultant and advisor in their specific field.

All of your vendors should be the expert in their field.

You’ll have a stronger business when the people and businesses around you are experts in their field. Your CPA is the expert on taxes, your attorney on legal matters, your paint supplier should be the expert in that field and your steel supplier should be an expert too.  I don’t pretend to know everything, but what we do is bring you value in many ways other than just sending you a sheet of steel.

Think about these 3 questions for a minute.

  1. Are you being informed of what’s happening in the upcoming market that could affect you? Or are you just getting surprised?
  2. Are your problems being solved?
  3. Are your vendors thinking outside the box to use their experience to save you time and make your life easier?

Chapter 5 of my book is all about consulting and advising.

7 Secrets Your Steel Suppliers Won’t Tell You”


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