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How To Value Your Business Relationships


In business your reputation is everything. The most valuable business relationships build on trust. And trust supports integrity, which is good for business. Productive business to business (B2B) relationships produce WIN/WIN results. How do you value your B2B relationships?

A Successful Long Term Strategy

Business relationships based only on price result in poor relationships. A low price B2B relationship represents a short term strategy. And short term strategies eventually fail. For your business to thrive you must focus on developing WIN/WIN business relationships. Consider the value you give to the other party. A long term strategy includes agreeing on fair price.

In 7 Secrets Your Steel Supplier Won’t Tell You, Adam Osborn says,

“The great companies understand the value of fair price and most of all, they take care of their customers who value their quality, service, and the relationship they’ve built together.”

You can’t expect your customers or clients to trust you if the relationship exists on price only. Business integrity also includes quality and service. Quality and service deteriorates in a low cost sales model. It takes time and money to deliver a quality product and exceptional service. To guarantee business success, adopt a long term B2B strategy based on integrity.

Consider Customer Lifetime Value

By adopting this long term strategy, your business will prosper. Do you care about your customer lifetime value (CLV)? A high CLV requires a long term relationship strategy. Before you consider starting a low price B2B relationship. Review the question Adam Osborn asks regarding lost customers.

“How much would it cost in time and money to replace one of those customers if they were lost because of a vendor’s poor service, poor quality or a late delivery?”

Losing business because of poor business integrity destroys businesses everyday. Make the wise choice to nurture long term business relationships. Great businesses focus on WIN/WIN relationships.

Choose A Proven Expert In Their Field

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