March 5

Neuroscience Tricks


As we explained last week, there are ways to affect your course correction, no matter how ingrained the patterns are.

Your course correction will be a conscious effort. To get your “automatic control mechanism” working for you, you start by creating new habits to shift your thinking. Thought turns to belief, which turns to emotion, which turns to behavior which then leads to results. Each layer reinforces the following layer.

Start with what you say when you talk to yourself.

Your subconscious is listening. Your body is listening. Don’t say you are clumsy; how about, “Oh, I gotta watch that” instead? If you say you can’t do something, you literally can’t.

You can start with “drip programming” – as simple as reading a simple affirmation on a sticky-note stuck on your computer monitor or bathroom mirror.

Gratitude shifts everything, too.

Make it a habit to write down 10 things you are grateful for every day… even just little things like the coffee that gets your motor running in the morning. The act of thinking, writing and reading hardwires it. Look for things to add to your list and the feedback loop brings you more. Start keeping a journal to write about what you really want and what you want to become, including your physical body. It will help you to lock in that “automatic control mechanism” to your new specs. What makes this work is having a real goal that is oriented to end results.

How about something faster?

Abraham Hicks emphasizes combining emotions and visualization, which works (do a search on YouTube). Self-image is changed by creative life experiences. The human brain and nervous system literally cannot differentiate between real life and synthetic experience, which is why visualization and role-playing works. If you want something, visualize it, give it lots of detail and feeling, and the feedback mechanism will work towards that. Neuroscience says that visualization works within 1-2% as well as practice.

What if you’ve been down for so long that you can’t feel anything?

Emotional Freedom Technique (, uses a combination of affirmations and tapping on meridian points to release blockages and turn things around. This technique has been shown to work for things like food addictions, post-traumatic stress disorder and issues in the physical body.

The takeaway is to turn that “automatic control mechanism” into a “success mechanism” that works for you. You do the creative programming to neutralize negative patterns and bring your goals to realization. You will notice less resistance followed by the feedback loop supporting you.

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