December 18

Prices Increase Jan 16th


Section 232 deadline is January 16th 

Your dealing with the same issues I am and both of us are in for HIGHER PRICES.

Speaking business person to business person or business owner to business owner, we’re both dealing with the same issues on this investigation and continued higher prices.

If you’re like me, you wake up in the middle of the night thinking about unknowns in your business the same as I do. It’s the curse of being responsible for a lot of stuff.

Honestly, I’m buying steel now for May arrival on galvanized sheet from Asia and March arrival on Hot Rolled coil from Mexico. The prices are trending up and the mills are holding firm with higher prices and saying things like “you have until today to decide, tomorrow the price is another dollar cwt higher”. I bought steel last month at a higher price and now again just last week at higher prices than last month. The reality is they have things moving higher and unless the 232 investigation falls completely apart and the President slides backwards on what he promised, prices will continue going higher.

The economy is doing well. Tax cuts and reduced regulation will keep us steaming along at a nice pace. There’s a lot of optimism in the air and people are putting money to work on new projects.

Here’s the latest News on the 232 investigations:

The Commerce Department deadline is January 16th for the 232 reports to be delivered to the President. Trump has 90 days to decide what he wants to do and it’s widely expected that higher prices are in store if action is taken to restrict imports or impose a new tax of some kind.

The time is now to look at a stocking program and lock in prices. This isn’t a sales pitch. We can be an asset to you and not just a place to get a sheet of steel. We can insulate your business from unexpected price increases, but I don’t have an unlimited amount of steel in stock and on order.

Please don’t procrastinate, prices continue to rise.

All replacement costs are on the rise, including galvanized sheet, stainless sheet and aluminum sheet.

We look forward to having a conversation to see if we can help you.

Adam Osborn

President and Owner of Ace Steel Supply


Section 232

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