Steel and Food

As of April 2, in return for the “Section 232” 25% tariffs on Chinese metal products, China has enacted 25% retaliatory tariffs for a range of American products, including steel and aluminum scrap, and seamless steel pipe. This appears to already be applied to cargo that is on the water and en route. The US […]

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Tuesday Metals News

As a special service, Ace Steel Supply subscribes to, summarizes and publishes industry news to save you time and keep you informed, particularly the effects of Section 232. Case studies with customers are proving our points daily. One customer was presented with contract pricing for $16.61 on 11/17/17 and wouldn’t sign because he thought it […]

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We’re a Category of One

We routinely receive comments about our website and blog. We recently received a visit from a banker who remarked about how impressed she was with our website, Google Reviews, testimonials and blog several times.  We know that for each person that comments, there are at least 25 more that follow us but never comment. Our […]

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232 Update

232 Update As you know, Ace Steel Supply subscribes to thousands of dollars in industry publications, from which we aggregate and publish our newsletters and blog posts.  As we informed you in earlier blogs, Section 232 tariffs are supposed to be applied beginning Friday the 23rd. We offer the following updates: What we know so […]

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The New World of Steel

“The Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word ‘crisis.’ One brush stroke stands for danger; the other for opportunity. In a crisis, be aware of the danger, but recognize the opportunity.” – John F. Kennedy Ace Steel Supply has been telling customers about this for months; now it is happening. Well before President Trump’s […]

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$500 Referral Bonus

The Easiest $500 You’ll Ever Make! If you like what we’re doing for you, all we ask is you refer someone to us that uses a decent quantity of sheet metal. Step 1.   Think of someone you know that buys at least $3000 per month of sheets in stainless, aluminum or galvanized. Step 2.  Take 2 minutes […]

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Critical Conference on Section 232 Impacts

The time for wait-and-see is gone. Shortages are here because the mills either quit taking orders or canceled orders. Prices have been going up since December, and then doubled when the tariffs were announced.  The tariffs are already being applied. Adam Osborn of Ace Steel Supply gave a conference call seminar on the impacts of […]

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March 2018 Newsletter

The 232 Price Run-Up is Already Here! Fasten your seatbelts! This is not sugar-coated. As of the afternoon of March 8th, Trump finalized his decision and signed a legal Executive Order implementing the following tariffs: 25% on Steel and 10% on Aluminum and they are already being added to inbound orders. The price run up […]

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Tariffs Officially Implemented on Steel & Aluminum!

Today President Trump signed a legal executive order implementing the following tariffs: Tariffs are 25% on Steel and 10% on Aluminum Call us right now to see if we can help you to lock in inventory supplies before short supplies are a factor for your company. Highlighted Points: Canada and Mexico are excluded while in NAFTA […]

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Section 232 Timeline

Countdown to Turmoil In an effort to keep our clients up to date, Adam Osborn, President of Ace Steel Supply is conducting seminars about the steel and aluminum supply market as it is evolving. We fully expect to soon see steel and aluminum supply shortages, reciprocal trade tariffs or sanctions, and even embargoes against American […]

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