April 29

USMCA Ratification And Tariffs


Recently, trade experts have suggested the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) will not be ratified with Section 232 tariffs in place. In addition, they don’t believe replacing tariffs with quotas will help with ratification.

William C. Lane, executive director of Trade for America (TFA), said “no one is going to pass the USMCA until the tariffs on Canada and Mexico are lifted.”

Lane commented at a steel supply chain conference in Houston. The conference, Steel-Con, is organized by (AIIS) – American Institute for International Steel.

Not Going To Be Passed With Quotas

Also, Paul Nathanson, director of strategic communications for the Coalition of American Metal Manufacturers and Users, said “USMCA is not going to be passed unless something is done with the steel tariffs.”

Then he added, “the Canadians have told us that they are not going to agree to quotas. For the most part, the Mexicans are saying the same thing.”

This is in contrast to Steel Dynamics Inc. president Mark Millet’s recent statement saying tariffs will be “replaced by alternative, effective quota-based programs.”

Because President Donald Trump ultimately decides on tariffs, we’ll have to wait and see what happens with USMCA and Section 232.

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